Welcome to atamai.org.nz!

We have set up this site to tell the story what has gone wrong for us with the Atamai Ecovillage. It is a shame that it has come this far. We have as yet not been able to resolve the matter with Atamai management.

We are incredibly disappointed and have completely lost trust in the management of Atamai, so much so that we can no longer be part of the Atamai Ecovillage. Although the management proposes that we could still purchase a title, against which we could offset the money owed to us, the underlying relationship has been so badly damaged that we find this suggestion rather naive.

We feel we’ve wasted a lot of time being involved with the project and it looks like we’re now forced to spend even more time on this to set out a balanced and well documented case and hope that we’ll get the money that is owed to us.

We’re not the first party leaving Atamai after a rather bitter experience. We welcome others in a similar situation to contact us.

You can contact us at info – at – atamai.org.nz